Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace

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Course Length
22 mins

Compliance Training Group



This course supports best-practices to avoid contracting and spreading contagious viral infections, like the flu, or COVID-19. This experience offers both English and Spanish language options, and will take approximately 22 minutes to complete. Based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and developed in consultation with a credentialed epidemiologist,  modules are dedicated to addressing each of the following questions:

  1. How can I avoid contagious illnesses?
  2. How can I tell if I have a contagious illness?
  3. What should I do if I have a contagious illness?
  4. When is it safe to return to work after I've been sick?

Additional emphasis is placed on the effect of individual decisions when it comes to protecting coworkers, families, and entire communities from the spread of disease. Hygienic practices and adherence to isolation protocols will help to preserve both livelihoods and actual lives.


Learners Will

  • Adopt the best techniques for hygienic comportment in the workplace
    • Demonstrate appropriate handwashing technique
    • Wash hands with appropriate frequency
    • Identify methods to effectively disinfect surfaces that are likely to harbor a contagious virus
    • Recognize vectors for viral and bacterial infections, including contact with respiratory droplets, blood, fecal matter, and any contaminated surfaces.
    • Undergo voluntary vaccination (when available) as a way of avoiding infection
    • Assess whether the use of a mask as personal protective equipment is an appropriate measure
    • Avoid unnecessary face-touching to diminish this behavior’s role as a vector for infection
  • Accurately assess whether they may have contracted a contagious illness, when presented with evidence of exposure, or symptoms consistent with such an infection
    • Identify potential past exposures based on patients and co-workers exhibiting symptoms.
    • Identify the symptoms of common viral infections
    • Know the incubation period of common viral infections during which someone may spread the infection while remaining asymptomatic
    • Exercise an abundance of caution when deciding whether to seek a professional diagnosis, or to “wait and see.”
  • Practice additional behaviors to lessen the risk of transmitting a virus once diagnosed with contagious infection
    • Self-removal from the workplace environment
    • Self-quarantine protocol
    • Seek medical treatment in a way that does not put others at risk
  • Know the tenets of basic self-care following the contraction of a viral infection
  • Identify conditions or developments that would indicate a need for immediate medical attention
  • Identify the measurable indicators that a return to the workplace is possible, having recovered from a viral infection.
    • Thresholds and timelines used to confirm the cession of symptoms
    • Determine whether a physician needs to be consulted before returning to work
  • Accurately assess the possibility of relapse, reinfection, or otherwise contributing to the spread of a virus after symptoms are no longer being experienced


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace (Certificate of Completion)


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Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace
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