Substance Abuse Awareness in the Workplace for Supervisors and Employees

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Course Length
60 mins

Compliance Training Group



Workplace substance abuse is a sensitive and very costly problem facing employers of every size. According to a recent OSHA publication, 65% of workplace accidents are caused by substance abuse, and employees that abuse drugs file six times as many workers’ compensation claims. Substance abusers use health benefits approximately 84% greater in dollar terms and they record 16 times more work absences according to the US Dept. of Labor.

Our 1-hour training provides Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention for Supervisors and Employees. It is vital that management understand the magnitude of substance abuse in the workplace and know how to identify impaired or under-the-influence employees. Employers must be able to effectively manage potential incidents before they occur. Drug and alcohol abuse impacts safety, productivity and the cost of doing business.

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Credits Earned Upon Course Completion:

  • 1.0 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) - SHRM
  • 1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - HRCI



  • Define the meaning of drug abuse and its related terms
  • Explain the impact on the workplace of drugs and the impaired employee
  • List the most commonly used and abused drugs
  • Recognize the symptoms and behaviors produced by drug-impaired employees
  • Explain appropriate intervention steps to follow when confronted with a drug-crisis employee
  • Describe company policy and prevention strategies
  • Identify available resources to help with substance abuse


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Substance Abuse Awareness in the Workplace Training (Certificate of Completion)


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Substance Abuse Awareness Training
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