New York Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees (Spanish Language)

2 modules


Course Length
60 mins

Compliance Training Group

19 Mar 2019



Satisfying New York State and New York City requirements (New York State Senate Bill S7848A, Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act) our 1-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course guides employees in the State of New York through important federal and state discrimination and sexual harassment laws. This Employee Edition of our training educates employees on how they can become more aware of sexual harassment in the workplace as well as ways to identify, avoid, and report it.

Our online courses for individual learning provide content that is relevant to today’s issues and challenges. Updated New York harassment prevention training content and features include:

Real workplace scenarios

Harassment prevention training that addresses current issues in the workplace & relevant laws

Quizzes & final test


  • Explain Federal, New York State, and New York City sexual harassment laws
  • Define sexual harassment
  • Identify the types and forms of sexual harassment
  • Identify who the law protects from sexual harassment
  • Review employer responsibilities
  • Identify who is liable for sexual harassment
  • Explain how to exercise legal rights
  • Describe the remedies for a sexual harassment complaint
  • Describe the elements of an anti-harassment policy
  • Review best practices for avoiding and preventing sexual harassment


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees (Certificate of Completion)


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New York Employee Spanish (part 2)
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