Nationwide Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees

2 modules


Course Length
60 mins

Compliance Training Group

15 Aug 2018



Reduce the risk of sexual harassment in your nationwide workforce with this online National Harassment Prevention Course for individual learning. It’s an ideal solution for California companies with employees outside California and a perfect complement to our other course on California Harassment Training.
Reduce the risk of sexual harassment in your offices outside California by educating your employees on sexual harassment laws.

Our online, 60-minute course for individual learning guides employees through key federal discrimination and sexual-harassment laws at their own pace, relates these laws to everyday workplace behavior and provides the legal definitions of discrimination and harassment.

Both employees and supervisors learn about sexual harassment, discriminatory behavior and identifying a hostile workplace. Developed by legal and HR training experts, the course covers key federal laws. The course engages employees and verifies understanding of the material by using interactive features such as:

  • Video scenarios demonstrating harassment
  • Quizzes & final test


  • Explain Federal sexual harassment laws
  • Define sexual harassment
  • Explain the types and forms of sexual harassment
  • Identify who the law protects from sexual harassment
  • Describe employer’s duties under Federal law
  • Identify who is liable for sexual harassment
  • Explain how to exercise legal rights
  • Describe the remedies for a sexual harassment complaint
  • Describe the elements of an anti-harassment policy
  • Explain best practices for avoiding sexual harassment situations


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Nationwide Sexual Harassment Awareness Training for Employees (Certificate of Completion)


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